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Part 1 The Context for Eco-Innovative Industrial and Enterprise Zones

1.1 Territorial Marketing, Green Marketing, Industrial Areas

1.2 Policies for the Ecologically equipped productive areas' (EEPAs) development

1.3 From consumers to prosumers, being green in the digital society

1.4 Integrated vision for sustainable and innovative industrial areas

Part 2 Major Themes and Topics

2.1 Setting up the Institutional Framework for Eco-Innovative Industrial and Enterprise Zones: The Case of Italy

2.2 Sustainable Management of Industrial and Enterprise Zones

2.3 Environmentally Sustainable Infrastructures

2.4 Eco-Innovative Industrial and Enterprise Zones and Funding: Third Party Financing

2.5 Taking Advantage of Green Marketing Plans

2.6 Promoting Green Logistics and Mobility Management

Part 3 Key Issues in Fostering Eco-Innovative Industrial Areas and Enterprise Zones

3.1 PV Solar Plan for Industrial Areas in Malta

3.2 Coaching Local Administrative Bodies to Manage the Redevelopment of Brownfield Sites: The case of COBRAMAN project

3.3 Promoting knowledge intensive activities for economic growth

3.4 Supporting internationalization of existing firms and promoting the attractiveness of existing areas through Helpdesks and Networking

3.5 Supporting sustainable development of Business Parks through complementary actions of local actors: The case of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

3.6 Smart, low cost ways to stimulate creativity

3.7 Territorial Observatory on Sustainability in San Marino: a profitable governance tool

3.8 Green Urban Regeneration. La Foia Case Study, Valencia

3.9 Energy and Comfort in School Buildings in the South of Portugal

3.10 Tourism and Marketing: new challenges to make places more attractive

Part 4 Experience Elsewhere and a View of the Future

4.1 Lessons from America

4.2 European Experiences

4.3 The Chinese Experience

4.4 Current Challenges and Future Prospects

4.5 World News